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Created by Virginia S. Baker, Eastern Kentucky University - 05/28/01

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Today, we are beginning a journey together, a journey that will take us from the Middle East, to ancient Greece, and finally to the halls of Europe.


It is a journey that begins with man's earliest writings, and it ends in the bustling Renaissance world of William Shakespeare.


††††† My name is Virginia S. Baker. During this course, we will be surveying the literature of writers from various nations.


Together we will study various genres: the epic poetry of Homer, the lyrical qualities of the Chinese Book of Songs, medieval and Shakespearean drama, and Chaucerís incomparable Canterbury Tales.


†††††† To do this, we will primarily use our text, visit some web sites, summarize what we find there, and report our findings to other classmates and to the instructor.


†††††† Are you ready? E-mail me as soon as you have finished registration, and give me your e-mail address. I will ask you to give me some personal information regarding your computer background, and we will be ready to begin on August 20.


†††††† While you are waiting to complete registration, read through the syllabus for more information on the class. You are encouraged to print the syllabus and the assignments, rather than trying to read them on-line.


If you have some problems, or would like more information, feel free to e-mail me before the class begins. If not, then we will begin on August 20!


NOTE: The instructor reserves the right to revise this course syllabus as necessary before the first day of class.




Created by Virginia S. Baker 5/28/2001

For information or questions contact vsbaker@kih.net

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